Capturing Moments: University of Baguio Nursing Day 2023

The much-awaited Nursing Day 2023 Lights Up UB Gym as Nursing Students convene for a heartfelt welcome to the New School Year!

Nursing students from all year levels came together for this thrilling face-to-face event, eager to reconnect with old friends, forge new alliances, and set the stage for a remarkable academic year ahead.

To promote camaraderie and rapport among the studentry and the faculty of the School of Nursing, the student body proposed that this year’s Nursing Day 2023 be held face-to-face. For the first time after the pandemic, the School of Nursing held its Nursing Day.

The activity aims to provide a venue for the students to showcase their talents and establish camaraderie among the School of Nursing students. The program included a Got Talent competition for the students that saw a total of ten participants competing, ranging from band performances to dance routines. Throughout the duration of the activity, games were also included to give the other students a chance to participate. Furthermore, performances from the management and faculty of the School of Nursing made the event more engaging as the students were able to see more sides of their educators.

Nursing day was not just a reunion; it was a celebration of resilience, unity, and the spirit of nursing students ready to embrace new challenges. As the day unfolded, it became evident that this event was more than just a welcome party; it was a testament to the strength of the UB School of Nursing Community.

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