School of Nursing

Our Mission

The School of Nursing commits itself to the development of exceptionally competent and value-driven health professionals.

Our Objectives

The School of Nursing, through innovative approaches in a caring environment, aims to produce a health care graduate who:

  1. exhibits the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting and maintaining the holistic well-being of the patient;
  2. demonstrates proficiency in the delovery of health-care services;
  3. practices the ethico-moral and legal aspects of the nursing profession;
  4. conducts health-related researches and applies findings for the enhancement of the care of the patient;
  5. participates actively in community services to improve the quality of life; and
  6. demonstrates effective and efficient leadership capabilities through the health care concepts, functions and activities.

Our Programs

Our programs incorporate the exploration of numerous subjects that respond to evolving global and local communities.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In 3 to 5 years after graduation, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing are expected to:

  1. engage in lifelong learning with a passion to keep abreast primarily with nursing and health developments, and generally with other allied disciplines in the local, national and global context;
  2. demonstrate professional competence by assuming the role of a professional nurse imbued with ethical values, and caring attitude;
  3. act as a lead researcher in nursing and health-related research topics;
  4. demonstrate responsible citizenship and pride of being a Filipino nurse; and 
  5. collaborates with colleagues and other health team members, GOs, and NGOs to maintain or promote environmental and community health
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