Box of Joy: Spreading Happiness with Heart and Generosity

In a harmonious collaboration between the Red Cross Youth of the School of Nursing, the Student Administrative Council, and the SN-ECOS, an inspiring initiative has taken shape known as “Box-of-Joy.” This endeavor, marked as the second phase of the Health, Wellness, and Extension Activities through Resourceful Teamwork (HEART) program advocacy, reflects a commitment to community well-being and development. Under the overarching theme, “Box of Joy: A Kit of Joy is Equal to a Memory Worthy to Enjoy,” this initiative not only spreads happiness but also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The partnered communities, Barangay Lucnab (the partner community of the University of Baguio) and Barangay Happy Hallow (the partner community of the School of Nursing), are integral to the University of Baguio and the School of Nursing, emphasizing the significance of local collaboration.

Box-of-Joy is an initiated activity of the Red Cross Youth of the School of Nursing. This activity is the 2nd phase of the activity inclined with the HEART program advocacy of the school (Health, Wellness and Extension Activities through Resourceful Teamwork) with a theme: Box of Joy: A kit of joy is equal to a memory worthy to enjoy.

The success of the Box-of-Joy initiative is further underscored by the meticulous management at the school level. The event, conducted on November 19, 2023, was a result of strategic planning and coordination. The dual venues, Lucnab Elementary School in Lucnab Barangay and Happy Hallow Barangay Evacuation Center, served as focal points for the outreach, highlighting the widespread impact of the initiative. This expansive reach was made possible through collaborative efforts with external donors such as APine Marketing and Danes Bakeshop, exemplifying the importance of forging alliances beyond the University of Baguio community.

The inclusivity of Box-of-Joy is reflected in the diverse range of participants involved in the initiative. Donors, alongside the collective effort of 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st-year students, faculty, and the working committee, showcased a unified commitment to the cause. The gender-inclusive breakdown further emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the outreach, with a total of 380 male and 840 female participants, resulting in an impressive overall total of 1,220 individuals actively contributing to the success of Box-of-Joy. This underscores the importance of tailoring outreach efforts to address the unique needs of each community, ensuring a meaningful and positive impact that goes beyond the distribution of material goods.

The behind-the-scenes success of Box-of-Joy owes much to the dedication of the working committee, consisting of faculty members, Red Cross Youth Officers, and volunteers. Their commitment to ensuring the smooth execution of the initiative is evident in the gender-diverse composition and the balanced representation at both Lucnab and Happy Hallow. The collaborative efforts of the working committee underscore the significance of teamwork in realizing the goals of the activity.

The Box-of-Joy initiative stands as a testament to the HEART program’s commitment to holistic well-being. By integrating health, wellness, and extension activities, the program aims to create a positive impact on both the participating students and the communities involved. The theme, “A Kit of Joy is Equal to a Memory Worthy to Enjoy,” encapsulates the essence of the initiative, emphasizing the value of shared experiences and the joy derived from giving.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals serve as a global blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. Box-of-Joy contributes directly to SDGs 3 (Good Health and Well-being), 4 (Quality Education), 10 (Reduced Inequality), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). By actively engaging with communities, the initiative addresses key aspects of these goals, promoting inclusivity, education, and overall community development. The success of Box-of-Joy is rooted in its collaboration with Barangay Lucnab and Barangay Happy Hallow. These partnerships extend beyond geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and community engagement. By working closely with the Student Administrative Council (SAC) of the School of Nursing, the initiative establishes a united front in the pursuit of community well-being. 

Box-of-Joy goes beyond the distribution of material goods; it is a holistic outreach initiative that aims to create lasting memories. The boxes distributed are not mere packages but vessels of joy, carrying the spirit of compassion and community support. The initiative recognizes that true impact lies in the relationships built and the memories created during the outreach activities. As Box-of-Joy becomes an integral part of the School of Nursing’s community outreach efforts, the initiative sets the stage for sustained impact. By instilling a culture of giving and community service among students, it ensures that the spirit of joy and generosity continues to thrive, creating a positive cycle of social responsibility. 

Written by Aissa Pater

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