UB SN Participates in Dugong UB Bloodletting Activity

The University of Baguio conducted the Dugong UB program in collaboration with the School of Nursing (SNS) and UB Medical Clinic (SN) to promote voluntary blood donation among its employees. This initiative aligns with the University’s commitment to addressing societal needs and fulfilling its vision, mission, and institutional objectives.

UB ECOS conducts the Dugong UB program/activity in collaboration with SNS and SN to encourage voluntary blood donation among its employees. The blood donation program helps raise awareness that individuals can save lives and improve the health of others by donating blood. Through this activity, the University’s vision to provide relevant social skills, the mission to educate individuals to be empowered professionals in the global community, and the institutional objectives are to produce a graduate who advocates sustainable programs for the community and environment and leads and demonstrates exemplary performance in the field of specialization, will be addressed.

The SNS ECOS organized the activity in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross and in collaboration with the School of Nursing and UB Medical Clinic. The involvement of these key partners ensures a well-coordinated and successful blood donation program. This also aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3, good health and well-being, by fostering voluntary blood donation culture to improve overall community health; SDG number 10, which is the reduction of inequalities, especially in attaining good health by addressing the disparity in access to good health; and SDG 17, which is the partnerships for the goals, as the collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross and other stakeholders exemplifies the university’s commitment to forming partnerships to achieve common objectives. 

There were 57 who pre-registered for the activity, but only 9 appeared at the blood donation site, and 4 became successful donors. Lots of participants visited the area and expressed their intention to donate blood. Screening was part of the process, and they were able to donate. Despite the rainy weather conditions, the activity was successful.

This activity aims to promote voluntary Blood Donation by encouraging voluntary blood donation among university employees. It highlights the significance of individual contributions in saving lives and improving community health and alignment with the University’s Vision, Mission, and Objectives. 

The event was meticulously organized, featuring collaboration with various stakeholders. The School of Nursing and UB Medical Clinic played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of the blood donation program. The participation of the Philippine Red Cross added credibility to the initiative.

An essential aspect of the program was to increase student awareness about voluntary blood donation. This was achieved through informational campaigns, seminars, and interactive sessions to emphasize the importance of voluntary blood donation, its benefits, and its impact on society.

The Dugong UB blood donation program was a resounding success, not only in meeting its immediate goal of encouraging voluntary blood donation but also in aligning with the broader objectives of the University and contributing to the attainment of key Sustainable Development Goals. The event exemplifies the University’s commitment to social responsibility and community health.

Written by Aissa Pater

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