UB and Universitas Karya Husada Join Forces to Broaden Educational Horizons

Building positive relationships with other educational institutions is essential for building a strong foundation that can support the University of Baguio and its pursuit of academic excellence. The university greatly values opportunities for fostering connections. Whether it’s through cultural exchange or academic mobility programs, UB is committed to nurturing opportunities for cross-border development.

In support of this journey, the university welcomed guests from the University of Karya Husada, Semarang Indonesia for international cultural exchange. The university sent students from its Master’s Degree in Nursing program for a series of educational tours and academic lectures geared towards expounding their experiences and knowledge. The graduate students were accompanied by Dr. Blacius Dedi, an esteemed professor from the Faculty of Nursing Science and Health at the University of Karya Husada, Semarang Indonesia.

The UB Performing Arts UBBUK giving a welcome presentation; they also encouraged the guests to join in during the latter half of the presentation.

UB rolled out a warm welcome, starting out with a hearty breakfast before easing into the welcoming reception. Members of the UB Management Team were present for the ceremony, with Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Janice Kaylyn Lonogan giving the welcoming remarks. She highlighted the program as more than just a chance to bring foreign students onto Philippine shores, but also a way to expound one another’s knowledge of medicine and healthcare. Dr. Dedi also gave a rousing response in return, emphasizing the role of cultural exchange between universities as a means to broach new horizons in nursing.

Following the morning welcoming ceremony, the group went on a guided tour of the university’s facilities before sitting down for an enlightening discussion at the UB Centennial Hall just after lunch.

UB is proud to be able to host such esteemed individuals. Though both universities come from different cultural backgrounds, the fostered connection between UB and the University of Karya Husada, Semarang Indonesia is founded on a mutual understanding of the essence of a never-ending pursuit of academic excellence Though the paths each university takes branches off in different directions, they lead back to the same goal of building the next generation of college and post-graduate students to be highly competent and skilled professionals.

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