UB SN Takes Off for Germany in Partnership with Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

The University of Baguio School of Nursing (SN) led by Dean Helen Alalag alongside faculty members Mr. Elton John Delos Santos and Ms. Ivy May Marbella in collaboration with the Global Skills Partnerships (GSP) and the Ministry of Health in Germany participated in a Lecturers’ Exchange Program from December 6 to 20, 2023 in the pursuit of enhancing the education of UB Nursing students and creating employment opportunities for UB SN alumni.

Through the agreement between Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) Campus Hospital and its Nursing School, the program facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices between the two universities, allowing lecturers from the University of Baguio to impart their experience while also gleaning new experiences by immersing themselves in a foreign work environment. The delegates were presented with the opportunity to enhance their clinical skills through a 4-day program at Klimikrum Hospital, where they received specialized training in the Stem Cell Unit, the Intensive Care Unit, and the Intermediate Unit.

The delegates also spent three (3) days at the Klinikum Pflegeschule in Frankfurt (Oder), Gesundheit campus, where they conducted a curriculum review for both schools. 

The duration of their stay was filled with opportunities to deliver lectures on a wide variety of topics, such as cultural exchange, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum, and the Health Care Delivery System in the Philippines. They were also given the chance to meet UB SN alumni who are now currently employed as registered nurses in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Nord Hessen.

The collaboration yielded valuable insights and experiences for the UB School of Nursing, allowing them to learn from international partners in the pursuit of improving and enriching the educational program and building global connections in the field of nursing. It continues to nurture important partnerships (SDG No. 17) between the university and Germany, allowing UB to continue offering quality education (SDG No. 4) to its students and promoting decent work and economic growth (SDG No. 8) by opening up more employment opportunities to alumni.

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